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What Clients Say About Their Experience

Mary helps keep me feeling good and performing at a high-level. I recommend her for any sports therapy massage and fascial stretch therapy.

Andy Renk, Scottsdale, Arizona

Improve your performance and mobility while reducing pain

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Came in with tension, knots, headache. I was a mess and in desperate need for a massage in time for Thanksgiving.

I give thanks to Mary for adjusting her schedule to work on me. After an hour of deep tissue massage and a few minutes in the cooling (cryo machine) box, I feel so much better! 

Don't waste your time with Swedish massages at other chains. This place is the real deal.

Steve R., Arlington Heights, IL

I just had the best massage EVER. 

I've received many massages in the past that turned out to be bleh, but Mary at BodyTech really gets it! 

My job requires a computer all day long, which makes my upper body tense, but Mary loosens it up by her deep massages and knowledge of the muscles, tension, and injuries. 

Try BodyTech Massage, you won't be sorry!

Sarah D., San Francisco, CA

Mary is a fantastic deep tissue massage therapist.  She knows the human anatomy.
I had to go to Mary twice in June, because my neck, shoulders were pretty damaged by how I cradeled the phone with my shoulder, while I would type on the computer.  You know we all do that.

I had to get some healing in parallel to ordering headsets for the my phones and getting ergonomic assessments done.

Mary did a great job of isolating the problem, giving me deep tissue massage.  It was painful, but it did the trick and I am 100% better and have learned stretch techniques from her to continue with the healing process.  I'll never cradel the phone again!

Susan M., Danville, CA

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